Terms of Services

Terms and Conditions

InstaSaller was created to offer a way for people to trade their social media entities. There are certain limitations to what you can expect from us and they are:

InstaSaller does guarantee any claims or promises made by sellers.

InstaSaller does monitor the authenticity of any users or members of our site.

InstaSaller is not liable for what happens after the listing end.

If we catch you trying to spam or scam our users, we will ban you without notice.

Seller Terms

If you are creating any type of listing on InstaSaller you agree to abide by these rules:

You will only post accounts and pages that are owned by you.

You will only register InstaSaller account for yourself and no one else.

You agree that we can terminate your listing at any time for any reason.

You will not game or fake your feedback score on InstaSaller.

If you are caught breaking any of the rules above, your account will be terminated.

Listings Terms

InstaSaller offers different types of listings, all of them follow these simple rules:

The Same listing cannot be posted multiple times until the old one expires or is deleted by us.

You agree that we can terminate your listing at any time for any reason.

Description Guidelines

The description should explain what your page is about, when it was created, who your audience is, etc.

When creating multiple listings, the description should be unique for each of your listings. no copy paste

Do not include contact information in the description. buyers will message you through InstaSaller

You agree that we can terminate your listing for not following description guidelines at any time.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to get in touch with us through our contact page.